Strum has been actively involved in the Maritime Link Project. This project involves the construction and operation of a new 500 MW transmission line, and associated infrastructure, between Granite Canal, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Woodbine, Nova Scotia. As part of the environment team at Emera Newfoundland and Labrador (ENL).

Strum was involved in:

  • Management and coordination of a tripartite Environmental Assessment process that includes the provincial governments of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and the federal government.
  • Early planning of the Project including risk assessment and strategy.
  • Preliminary field surveys in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to assess potential cable landing sites and grounding site locations.
  • Writing and production of the Project Description document for registration.
  • Research and organization of permitting and approval requirements (provincial and federal).
  • Development and participation in workshops associated with the collection and organization of multiple baseline studies.
  • Development of the Environmental Assessment report including writing, review, feedback, and status reporting to ENL management.
  • Development, implementation, and management of an Environmental Assessment Work Plan, Schedule, and Strategy.
  • Government consultation at both provincial and federal levels.