Cape Breton, NS

As part of the historic agreement reached in November 2010 between Emera and  Nalcor  Energy (Nalcor) regarding power to be generated from the Lower Churchill hydro-electric project, ENL is to build and own a transmission project between the Island of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia which includes a 50 km transmission line between Point Aconi and Woodbine Substation and a 50km grounding line from  Woodbine to Big Lorraine, Cape Breton, NS.  Strum Consulting professional surveyors and their field teams prepared detailed plans outlining the proposed easements for both the new transmission line corridors and grounding line segments.  In addition, Strum collected and compiled topographic data to assist the technical design. Fieldwork began in the fall of 2013 and is ongoing until late spring, 2014.