Strum has completed assessment and remediation work at a large industrial site in HRM where past historical practices at the site have led to contamination below surface. Soils and groundwater at this site have been impacted with perchloroethylene and VOC's over a wide area with varying concentrations at depths below surface.

Past assessment has been completed through extensive test pitting, placement of wells and ongoing sampling and analysis of water samples from nested wells in the aquifer. Steps to reduce migration of impacts over time have been completed through addition of a series of injections in upstream wells taking advantage of the sites natural hydraulic flow. The main advantage of this remedial system was to reduce costly excavation at the site and to ensure that ongoing treatment continues to reduce concentrations to acceptable levels over time.

Contamination concentrations continue to decrease and the plume has stabilized.  A managed site approach has been implemented and annual monitoring will be completed until concentrations meet applicable criteria.

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